When our two souls finally came together, after what felt like an entire lifetime, an explosion of love, passion, desire, fun, and laughter was ignited.

You could say we were, over many years, like 2 ships sailing past each other in the night, we may not have understood each other’s paths at the time, but we knew there was a spark deep down inside. Our paths finally crossed again in divine timing, and we decided to set sail again, side by side.

We have decided to put our soulfulness, our inspiration, our connection, and our humor, into designs that will stretch across all different playgrounds. We have no set boundaries, as we believe the world is bound enough by so many things already.

We hope that our work will ignite something deep inside you as we build our brand and try to go above and beyond for ourselves and your souls. Some of it may just be fun as we all need something like that in our lives too.

Through our journey, we will be looking at ways to give something back. We will add value where value can be added and we will always strive to do the best we can to provide you with a smile, a laugh, a provoking thought, or a feeling of being inspired along the way! There will be some crypto ideas floating around there too.

We know everyone is unique and has different tastes and may you find something you desire on our page.

We are excited to have started this journey with you, the souls of the planet, and may you enjoy the journey with us!

Peace, respect, and one love to you all!


About us